As tiny homes become more mainstream, we are beginning to see a changing landscape from square to round, to shapes inspired by the flow of nature. This is truly beautiful.

The home in this article was designed by Mexican artist Javier Senisiain of Arquitectura Organica. He calls the architecture design “bio-architecture.” The goal of this type of architecture is to create harmony with nature in its organic form.

The idea grew out of the request of a young family living in Mexico city that wanted something more integrated with nature. As you see, the outcome is amazing.

This tiny home is earthquake-proof, maintenance-proof, and infused with an array of clever stepping-ways, greenery, and colorful stained glass. The interior is simply stunning, making nature a natural element in the home. The light shining into the home refracts the colors of the stained glass and produces a magical show.

Enjoy this article which walks you through this wonderland, Nautilus House, and share with your friends who would think this is amazing!

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