Heard of tiny homes? Probably. But have you seen the new “tiny homes on wheels” phenomenon? These tiny homes are used for long-term road trips and getaways.

The Austrian company Wohnwagon has taken tiny homes on wheels to the next level with an eco-friendly outfit made entirely of recycled material. Wohnwagon’s homes are completely customizable too.

The home measures 269 sq ft in total. What makes this tiny home off-grid capable is the four solar panels on top of the roof that provide clean, sustainable, and renewable energy. It includes a monitoring system that homeowners can use to track energy use and availability.

This self-sufficient home may look tiny but its interior is much more spacious than you’d think. This tiny home has one of the most exquisite interiors we’ve ever seen.

The tiny home in the video below is currently selling for €40,000 to €90,000 (around $45,000 to $110,000 USD).

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Visit the link below to see more amazing photos of this incredible tiny home on wheels’ interior.

LittleThings: Eco-Friendly, Off-Grid Caravan [photos]

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