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Winter is upon us and it’s a perfect time to start thinking about ways to make your yard more interesting and inviting for family, friendsĀ and strangers alike. You can find a million cheap and easy DIY yard enhancements and we’ve found some of the best ways to use tree stumps.

If you have a few seemingly useless tree stumps around your yard, these 10 ways to repurpose that stump is exactly what you need.

With a little imagination, tree stumps can be the perfect decoration for your yard. The ideas below are presented as a means to spark innovation for your own creativity. We hope you find them interesting and insightful.

After seeing the 10 tree stumps in the article below, you’ll never see them the same way. When you’re “stumped” try one of the repurposing ideas below or make your own!

Awesome DIY Stump Ideas to Enhance Your Yard

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