We’re at that place in time: everyone’s got CDs around but hardly anyone’s using them. They don’t have the same vintage appeal of records, so tons of old discs are finding themselves in the dump. But guess what? They can make for a magical DIY material. Here’s how one Instructables community member “Upmade” turned some old CDs into a breathtaking kitchen backsplash. You can use the method on just about anything with a few modifications.

Step 1: Cut the CDs

These Dynamite scissors work best. Get tips for this part of the process VIA Instructables/Upmade.

Step 2: Coat CDs that split with white glue before cutting, if needed

Read more VIA Instructables/ Upmade.

Step 3: Make the perfect cuts

Cut randomly, but it helps to separate pieces by size before you start the installation. Read more VIA Instructables/ Upmade.

Step 4: Start creating your backsplash with temporary adhesive

Read more VIA Instructables/ Upmade.

Step 5: Apply grout

This step presented some special challenges. Read more VIA Instructables/ Upmade.

Want to do this but don’t have a stack of old CDs around? Try Freecycle to see if you can score some.

See the full how-to VIA Instructables

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