A cob home is built from natural materials such as subsoil, water, fibrous organic material (such as straw), and sometimes lime.

Michael Buck, a 59-year old former art teacher and farmer, built an amazing one-bedroom cob house from scratch without any power tools whatsoever. Buck spent eight months creating this hobbit-style cob house design using a building technique he learned from a book. This is a great example of building a home on a budget.

Buck told Trehugger.com, “A house doesn’t have to cost the earth, you only need the earth to build it. I wanted to show that houses don’t have to cost anything. We live in a society where we spend our lives paying our mortgages, which many people don’t enjoy.”

According to Mirror.co.uk, Buck rents this cob house to a lady who pays her rent in milk.

Buck spent two years gathering materials that he himself found and salvaged. The floorboards are made from pieces of a derelict boat and the windows from a scrapped truck. The roofing is made from straw that Buck gathered and hauled from nearby fields.

Watch the videos below to see everything in this interesting cob house. Share if you know a hobbit who needs a home. 🙂

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